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Sacked, harassed, bullied or bashed by the boss?

Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to MAX LEGAL, established in April 2000 and now regarded as one of Melbourne’s best boutique employment law practices.

Our mission is helping employees who have been treated unfairly or unlawfully.

We do employment CASES; see types below…and we provide expert employment ADVICE for working people. Our work is employment law exclusively.

We have built our reputation by helping all types of employees; office workers; factory staff; professionals including doctors and other health professionals, IT, legal, accounting, teaching and other staff; trades people; sales and marketing professionals; senior executives; you name it! Hundreds of positive results have been achieved, many with our “no win no charge” arrangements.*

Sexual harassment and discrimination

Most of our case work over the last five years has involved workplace sexual harassment (including criminal assault), discrimination and victimisation.

These matters often require urgent initial advice, and always deserve careful consideration of the various legal options that may be available, including:

  • Direct and confidential negotiations with the employer
  • Complaints and proceedings in various tribunals
  • Litigation in state or federal courts
  • Intervention orders
  • Complaints to Police
  • Workers compensation

MAX LEGAL we can help with these processes from any stage, with legal and strategic advice, negotiations and/or representation. Contact us as early as you can.

Although a number of our sexual harassment cases have appeared on the front pages of newspapers (see our NEWS page), the reality is that most sexual harassment claims are settled confidentially without “going public.” We have settled dozens and dozens of serious sexual harassment cases for amounts up to and including six-figure sums.

If you have a serious sexual harassment case, note that we have expanded our practice and will now consider serious cases from anywhere in Australia.

Do not tolerate discrimination or harassment – make an enquiry online NOW. All enquiries are strictly confidential.

Fair Work Commission / Federal Court:

Bullying, unfair dismissal and Adverse Action

Unfair dismissals are dealt with by the government agency, the Fair Work Commission (FWC).

Bullied or unfairly dismissed??? We can help!

Bully bosses can go a long way, but President Trump???

General Protections disputes (Adverse Action claims) and Unlawful Termination of employment cases involve breaches of your legal rights or loss of employment on discriminatory grounds. It can be unlawful to sack a worker for reasons that include, for example, his or her gender, age, or ethnicity; or because of family responsibilities or a disability.

At MAX LEGAL we can assess your potential claim. Sometimes an unfair/unlawful dismissal or bullying claim is appropriate, but often there is a better legal option.

If you believe you may have been unfairly or unlawfully dismissed, you should not delay because strict 21-day time limits may apply. You can make an enquiry online now.

Wrongful dismissal/breach of contract

This is now a commonly used option for people who feel they have been unfairly dismissed. These rights will continue into the future. Cases are generally run in the Victorian Magistrates’ Court or the Federal Court.

Workplace bullying: help and advice

Many workplace problems involve some element of workplace bullying, which is of course extremely damaging to individuals and to businesses. Targets of workplace bullying are often not believed, ridiculed when they complain, and can be victimised further.

FWC bullying processes are complex and may not be the best option in all cases; you should consult us before deciding to make a formal claim.

We offer detailed analysis and advice, and options including intervention and departure strategies may be considered. You might call this “bully-busting.”

We know that simplistic solutions do not work in complicated situations. Part of our expertise is in analysing complex cases and providing solutions that work in real life.

We understand and have identified many “workplace psychopaths.” These individuals lurk in many workplaces, and cause enormous harm to their victims. They “manage upwards” very effectively, and we find that management is usually the last to know about these destructive individuals.

Workplace bullying frequently results in physical or psychological harm to the target (victim) that can have lasting repercussions. Depressive illnesses and anxiety disorders are common. If you feel that you have been emotionally affected by workplace bullying you should not delay in seeking advice and support from a qualified medical practitioner or psychologist.


*To apply for No Win No Charge, complete our online enquiry form.