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General advice

Problem solving and case assessment

Very commonly we are called upon to provide strategic advice for our clients. We provide situational analysis, practical advice and appropriate strategies.

Because MAX LEGAL has for many years been a leading employment law practice, representing hundreds and hundreds of clients in unlawful termination, discrimination and unfair dismissal cases, we have gained extraordinary insight into why disputes occur, and how they might have been resolved sooner.

Employment law is often about organisational politics, people and personalities, and the “law” part gets pushed aside. We look for practical solutions to complex workplace issues, and this is underpinned by our understanding of organisational and management behaviours, dysfunctional individuals and toxic workplaces.

A very common request we receive is for assessment of a case; “How much will it cost to run? What are the best case and worst case outcomes?” This type of risk assessment is one of the most valuable services that lawyers can provide.

We provide legal advice in a practical and life context, and point out common pitfalls.

Most case assessments can be done within the minimum fee timelines shown below, but on some occasions research or referral to a barrister is recommended.

Feel free to contact us, even if you’re not sure we can help. Go to the Enquire Now page to get started.

Need advice? Urgently?

Proper advice is invaluable at times of crisis – we deal with crisis employment situations daily. On numerous occasions we have saved our clients thousands of dollars and more. We have helped them cope with a very stressful time, and we have helped others save or regain their jobs.

We are very up-front about our fee arrangements so you know how much proper legal advice is going to cost.

Fixed-fee advice

We offer a special fixed-fee advice service, including urgent telephone advice.

After you have completed the online enquiry form, we will let you know whether you need to fax or email any of your documents to us – we can generally respond very quickly.

This service is very useful when:

  • You are asked to sign documents – for example, you may have been offered a redundancy payout.
  • You have started a case – for example at the Fair Work Commission – and you are worried about what to do at conciliation, or how to negotiate. We can advise you about all your options, risks and benefits; all the questions you really need to have properly answered.
  • You are asked to attend a meeting with management – maybe “investigation” or “discipline” is mentioned.
  • You need support making an important decision about your employment – especially if you’re “stressed out” or under pressure.
  • You feel your employment is at risk for some reason. For example, allegations may have been made against you.
  • You are being pressured to resign.

Bad decisions made in times of crisis can cost you your job, your career, and/or many thousands of dollars, so it is worthwhile investing in proper advice. Fees apply as below.

Consultation Cost

Fixed-fee advice is one of our most popular services, and it’s easy to see why. Our terms include:

Telephone consultation/advice with a lawyer (normally with Terry McHugh, lawyer and author of How to Beat Your Boss):

$350.00 flat fee (incl. GST). Up to one hour maximum lawyer’s time including perusal of your documents. No extra charge for handling up to 20-30 pages of faxed or emailed documents. (Available Australia wide, but keep in mind we are Victorian-based and may not be able to represent you if you want to start a legal case). Telephone consultation can be done after hours or on weekends by prior arrangement.

Face-to-face consultation/advice with a lawyer (normally with Terry McHugh, lawyer and author of How to Beat Your Boss): $440.00 flat fee (incl. GST).

Up to one hour maximum lawyer’s time including perusal of your documents. Face-to-face consultations occur at our city office or other agreed venue – even on weekends by prior arrangement.

Other information

Appointments are subject to lawyer’s availability. We will offer you a mutually convenient time before confirming your agreement. A complimentary copy of Terry’s book is provided to all fee-paying advice clients.

Occasionally we will recommend referral of your initial inquiry to a specialist barrister who will discuss your case directly with you and provide an expert opinion on your matter. We have a streamlined special process to get your consultation underway quickly while keeping your costs to a minimum.

Our rates are very competitive and you will find that most city law firms now charge much higher hourly rates PLUS EXTRAS. And remember, we are experts in our field – all we do is employment law.

To take advantage of these fixed fee arrangements, you will need to submit an online enquiry, and be prepared to provide a valid credit card number before your appointment is confirmed.

Sometimes our “fixed fee advice” clients are offered full or partial “no win no charge” arrangements to pursue their legal case.