We regret to inform you that we are presently unable to take any new cases or clients

Please refer to the Law Institute of Victoria Referral Service for assistance



Our normal policy is that new enquiries, including requests for advice or urgent advice, are preferably submitted online with the form below.

All information received by us is treated as strictly private and confidential, in line with the legal and ethical duties of all lawyers.


New and existing clients need to make an appointment for an office consultation, either in Melbourne CBD or Frankston.

Home and site visits are also by appointment.

No drop-in enquiries are accepted.


We believe it is important that people have access to justice; access to proper lawyers that is, not shady “industrial advocates” who are not qualified legally and who target and exploit the most vulnerable people in the community.

We sometimes offer full or partial “no win no charge” arrangements for people who would otherwise not be able to pursue their case properly. You will need to apply below. Each case is considered individually, on merit. Please note that our workloads fluctuate and we cannot guarantee to take on any case at any time (whether paid or “no win no charge”).

If you are prepared to make some contribution towards funding your case (e.g. by paying for “fixed fee advice”) that tells us very clearly that you are serious about your case and it may help us in deciding whether we will offer to take on your case. However we understand that not everyone can afford to make a financial contribution towards their case, so you should apply anyway if you believe your case has merit.

Please understand that the no win no charge arrangement is for case work – not for initial advice. Although we do not provide “free advice” as such, we may at our discretion offer a free consultation IF we think your case has merit, based on the information provided to us in your online enquiry form.

In summary, if you believe in your case, we will try to help but it is only fair that you contribute something unless there is genuine financial hardship.


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