Our cases in the news

We generally maintain a low profile which is what most of our clients expect. But sometimes the news media take an interest in our cases.

Sallyanne Robinson v Rivers (Australia) Pty Ltd and Philip Harry Goodman. We represented Ms Robinson in this case which was before the Federal Court of Australia. The case was the subject of mass media coverage, but the matter is now finalised and we have no comment on this case.

Stephanie Lane v Salmat Salesforce

This was a sexual harassment complaint that was reported nationally in daily newspapers. (See for example the report and video at

The case is now finalised. We have no comment on this case.

Book release: How to beat Your Boss: The Workplace Survival Guide

MAX LEGAL principal lawyer Terry McHugh has written and published this extremely useful self-help book that is being marketed world-wide.

Now available:
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Help is here at last!!

Help is here at last!!

Totally Australian produced, the book addresses issues that are common to workers everywhere and explains employees’ legal rights in easy-to-understand language. It therefore won’t go out of date, regardless of the frequent changes governments make to employment laws.

To find out more, go to Price $29.95 including postage and handling (Australian addresses only)