Warning – Unqualified “advisers”

Be careful of non-lawyers: unqualified “advisers” and “representatives”

We have seen an increasing number of cases where unqualified “agents,” “advocates” or “advocacy organisations” take on cases for people and leave them high and dry when things go off the rails. Because they are not legally trained, they are unaware of many legal options – and legal risks – to you, and cannot represent you in most courts. They can therefore steer you into a completely wrong process; one that is for their benefit and not yours.

Even if they do manage to get a payout for you, they can demand a percentage of the payout; in Australia it is totally illegal for any lawyer to take a percentage of your payout.

Governments have done little to stop the growth of these unregulated types who exploit loopholes by heavy internet advertising. This problem is even worse with the Fair Work Commission system. Imagine being ripped off by an unqualified agent and having nobody to complain to! That is what has happened in numerous cases.

Only a properly qualified and registered lawyer is allowed to give legal advice. It is a serious offence for an unqualified person to give legal advice. You should report any unqualified person who misleads you into believing they can give legal advice to your State’s Law Institute of Law Society.

Questions to consider before choosing someone to represent you.

  • What if the representative mishandles my case?
  • Or just forgets about it?
  • Or takes my money and disappears?
  • Or tells me half way through that my case is too hard; or that he can’t go to a proper court if needed?
  • Or doesn’t call me back or tell me what is happening with my case?
  • What if my employer (or ex-employer) threatens to sue me?

If you have a registered lawyer handling your case, you have peace of mind because:

Lawyers must know the relevant law and have regular professional skills training.

Lawyers have compulsory insurance to protect you.liv print logo

Lawyers must give you regular case reports.

Lawyers are fully regulated by law and subject to a Code of Professional Conduct and strict discipline.

There is a free, fully independent government controlled scheme to handle complaints about lawyers (see the Legal Services Commissioner website – http://www.lsc.vic.gov.au/)

With non-lawyer representatives and other unqualified agents, you could be left for dead with no money, no insurance, and no complaints process or insurance.

Even if you don’t choose MAX LEGAL, be smart and choose a member of the Law Institute of Victoria or the Law Society in your State.

Complaints? We have the perfect record

If any clients express dissatisfaction to us, we will fix any problem, and fast.
Every law firm receives formal complaints from time to time. At MAX LEGAL it happens very rarely; only once every three years on average.

But of those very few complaints, not one has ever been upheld by the relevant governing body, right from the very first day MAX LEGAL commenced practice in April 2000.

So yes, we have the perfect record which we aim to keep by looking after all our clients.

If you choose another firm, you might like to ask them how many complaints they have received.

Confidentiality and privacy guaranteed

Your confidentiality and privacy are guaranteed by law from the first moment you consult us or any practising lawyer.